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Wirtgen W2000: Technical Specs You Should Know

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Wirtgen W2000: Technical Specs You Should Know

If you are looking to buying asphalt cold planer, probably Wirtgen brand would be one of the best options to go for. Over the years, Wirtgen has made a name as one of the best asphalt milling machine manufacturers. The company has also built a reputation due to the quality of the products that they are providing to the market. Among the most powerful cold planer machines that the company has released to the market is the Wirtgen W2000. It is a powerful road milling machine that everyone on the road construction would want to own one. But why is everyone looking for Wirtgen W2000? Well, we are going to look at some of the:

Engine Power

The power of the engine is a critical factor to consider while choosing a cold planer. In fact, this is the part of the machine that any buyer should look out for. The importance of checking the engine is the fact that it drives the milling drum. If the milling drum is not powered enough, then it will be tough for the machine to mill efficiently. For the Wirtgen w2000 is powered by a 581 horsepower engine thus making it extremely powerful for most all milling tasks.

Milling Depth

Some of the milling tasks require the removal of a thick layer of the carpet. If that is the case, then you might need a machine that can reach the required depth. For every machine, there is a specific depth that they can reach. Unfortunately, most of the machines cannot handle one clear milling in a single pass. But for the Wirtgen w2000, it can go to a depth of between 0 mm to 320 mm. That depth is enough to mill any floor for repair in just one pass.

Milling width

Wirtgen w2000 boasts of having one of the best milling widths in the market. With a milling width of 2000mm, this is the kind of machine that any road constructor would want to add to their machinery. With this milling width, it is straightforward to work on any task and within a very short period.

Operating Speed

One of the major factors that most people fail to check is the operating speed. A higher speed will help you finish the project much quicker. With an operating speed of 84 m/min, Wirtgen w2000 is the perfect machine to have.  With such speed, you can handle any task within the shortest time possible.

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