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About RMM Road Milling Machine

Today, RMM offers an extensive line of road maintenance equipment and wear parts. Their machines are designed for unrivaled performance and productivity. Their road milling machines are designed based on extensive market research to address the real needs. That is the reason why RMM’s products are among the best rated in the market. RMM has also ensured that access to major components of their line of equipment unmatched by the competition. Their collection of unrivaled quality wears parts unmatched as well.

RMM have their own unique series of patents of unequaled quality. They are the manufacturers and suppliers of the powerful WR 2100 cold recycling machine, WB21H soil stabilizer, and small cold milling machine K50Y amongst many other patented series of road maintenance machines. These machines are designed with an optimum balance between maneuverability, horsepower, and production. That is why the RMM equipment performance and productivity are unbelievably high.

The versatility of RMM road milling equipment is astounding. The WR series are suitable for highways, squares, urban road, docks and other projects. The K50Y cold milling machines come with a 500 mm max width and 160mm max depth and are suitable for both concrete and asphalt pavement. That is how versatile their products are. They have the kind of road maintenance machine that can deliver peak performance under various conditions.

At RMM, we are committed to quality and maintaining the international standards. We are committed to produce and supply innovative, high-quality road milling equipment, unrivalled wear parts and service support. You can get our products at a very affordable price with compromise in quality. Our products’ quality is unparalleled thus one best in the market. We have our own factory where everything from engineering, manufacturing to service support is done thus enabling to enjoy real-time sharing of the information. Customers are welcome to visit our factory and buy at wholesale.

Road Milling Machine (RMM) is known as a leader in manufacturing and supplying road milling and planning machines, road cold planer, soil stabilizers and a range of machine wear parts. Founded in 2013, RMM has grown tremendously due to the incredible quality of their products and unmatched levels of customer satisfaction.  As a relatively new company, it has have invested heavily in outstanding research and development design ability to ensure only top quality products reached the market. That is one of the reasons why our products stand out from the competition.

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