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Road Milling Machine Manufacturer

Cold Recycler


Cold Recycler or Cold-in-Place, is a pavement maintenance process that uses the old pavement materials for road or pavement restoration. The process includes the milling and crushing the old surface layer and part of the base layer, adding binding agents to restore the pavement. As the name suggests, Cold Recycler is done at room temperature. It is a very cost-effective way of maintaining roads as the material cost is significantly low.

Soil Stabilizer


Soil Stabilization or Road Reclaimer is the process of preparing materials and observing set out steps for the construction of roads or pavements. The process includes the mixing of the aggregates, binding agents, bitumen, and other materials required for the road construction.  Soil Stabilization technology emphasizes the use of equipment such as tractors or manual labor for the processes on the site while observing the strict road construction guidelines to ensure compliance.


Pavement milling or road milling, is the process of scraping the old loose pavement surface and replace it with a new one. The aim of pavement milling to fix common pavement surface defects include cracks and portholes, among other defects. The process of pavement milling uses road milling machines. Pavement milling combines the old and new aggregates hence reducing the cost of restoring pavement.