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Best Practices For Road Milling

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Best Practices For Road Milling

The bulging population, combined with the high demand for automobiles, has created huge pressure on roads. That’s why most governments across the world have been investing heavily in road maintenance and construction. Similarly, road contractors have been working hard to provide the best quality roads that last for longer.

One of the most sought after services is road milling. Road milling is all about redoing an existing worn-out road. So you will need to remove the old and wearing asphalt layer of the entire road to install a new layer. This is quite complex, and if the contractor doesn’t get it right, the quality and quantity of the work will be low.

So, what are the best practices for milling? Well, in this post, we have put together three crucial factors you need to consider for perfect milling. These are factors that will greatly determine the quality and quantity of the road milling work you do:


One of the biggest mistakes some contractors make is failing to prepare for the job. Road milling is quite a complex exercise that requires adequate preparation before you start the work. You need to understand the kind of milling you will be handling and what’s needed. Otherwise, you might get the wrong machines, tools, and crew on the site. This means the required quality will not be delivered.

The first thing you need to prepare is the milling machine. You need to know the type of milling machine you need for the job. There are many types of milling machines, and each of them is designed for certain tasks. So, you need to check the kind of milling work and select the right machine. The milling machine must also be in perfect condition. Check the condition of the drum and the milling teeth.

The second thing you need to prepare is the support tools and machines. When milling asphalt or concrete floors, you need a lot of water. So, you must have the water trucks on the site and enough water. There are also many other tools necessary for the support of the milling process. You must have everything ready before going to the site for milling.

Lastly, you need to get the crew ready for the milling. You may have the best milling machines in the market, but you will have a problem without a crew to operate them. So, get the best-trained machine operators and other experts on site. That’s what good preparation should be all about.


With machines, support tools, and the crew ready, the next thing is to start milling operations. When milling, there are several technical things that you need to get right. One of them is the use of the milling machine. For quality milling, you must ensure that the machine is being used properly. The machine’s speed is crucial to take seriously. Start slow and then increase the speed as you get into milling. You must also stop slowly for the proper use of the machine.

Don’t be in a rush to mill faster because you will be damaging the machine. Similarly, stopping fast from high-speed milling can have a damaging effect on your machine. Make sure that the cooling system for the milling bits is working. Otherwise, you might start experiencing blunt teeth since milling asphalt on a concrete floor generates a lot of heat.

The amount of time you re milling with the machine is also crucial. You must avoid overworking the machine to avoid engine failure. These are some of the best milling practices when operating.

Technology Benefits

The modern milling machines are offering immense technological advancement. They are coming with more automated features than their traditional counterparts. One of the biggest technology benefits is automation. The modern milling machine can be set to mill with human interference.

Other technology benefits are higher performance and numerous modes of operations. Make sure that you are using all technologies to the maximum for quality milling. These technologies also enable to mill faster. So, make sure that you have an understanding of the tech features of the machine and other tools on the site to maximize milling.