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Tips for Using Fecon Mulcher

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Tips for Using Fecon Mulcher

There is no doubt that forestry mulching is one of the most effective land clearing methods. Compared to the traditional mulching, numerous benefits are associated with this form of mulching. If you are using reputable mulching machines such as the Fecon mulcher, there are a few things that you need to consider for you to get the best out of your machine. Just like any other mulching machine, Fecon mulchers should be used correctly for you to get good performance. So what should you look out for? Here are some of the key tips for using Fecon mulcher:

Safety First

Above everything else is the safety of the operator is an essential factor to consider. Unlike the tradition mulching, forestry mulching utilizes heavy duty machines that sometimes can result in very serious injuries or death if they are not used properly. The nature of the forestry mulching can also pose a danger to the operator. Therefore, safety should be the first thing when it comes to mulching. Most of the safety just requires common sense such as not working on the machine while running. The speed of the machine is also a factor to consider. This is a rule of thumb and thus does not matter the brand of the mulching equipment that you are using.

Plan Ahead

Planning is critical when it comes to mulching. You need to know the kind of task that you are about to handle. You need to know the kind of vegetation that you will be mulching to ensure that you have the right Fecon mulcher teeth. You also need to know the intensity of the vegetation that you will be working on and if the mulcher teeth and the horsepower would handle it. Another reason why it is important to plan ahead is to understand the kind of ground that you will be working. All these factors will ensure that you have gotten the right Fecon mulcher for the task. That is the only that you get ultimate output.

Be Knowledgeable

Don’t try operating a Fecon mulcher if you are not knowledgeable or competent won a skid-steer loader. Modern forestry mulchers are very delicate and dangerous if improperly used. You need to have the right skills to operate these machines or otherwise you might be exposing to a lot of dangers. If you are experienced at operating skid steers, then a forestry mulcher attachment will not be a problem.

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