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These Tricks Can Reduce Bradco Mulcher Teeth Wear

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These Tricks Can Reduce Bradco Mulcher Teeth Wear

If you have been operating a Bradco forestry mulcher, then you must have an idea of how costly it can be to deal with repairs and replacement. In fact, some operators only get to enjoy their new machine only for a couple of months or one year or two before the problem of repairs come up.  However, Bradco mulcher teeth are most prone to the high rate of wear and tear to the nature of the tasks they are exposed to. But that does not mean that they are made to wear off that quickly- there are a couple of things that can be used to reduce the rate of wear and tear. Here some of the key tricks that you can employ.

Have the Right Teeth

What kind of teeth are you investing in? Well, this one of the key questions that you need to ask yourself. Unfortunately, some of the operators do not care the kind of teeth that they have bought for replacement. When we mention the right Bradco mulcher teeth, we mean quality teeth. You must always ensure that the teeth that you have on the Bradco mulcher head are the best quality that the market can offer.  If you fall for inferior or poor quality teeth, then you will always have a problem with the teeth wearing off at a very high rate. The highest grade of material is always recommended.

Choose vegetation

The kind of vegetation that Bradco mulcher teeth are mulching on can greatly determine the longevity of the teeth. For instance, if you are mulching tough vegetation such as tree limbs, the teeth will wear off faster compared to the same teeth mulching soft vegetation such as weed. However, different varieties of teeth are used in various types of vegetation. If you try to use the teeth on tasks that it is not designed for, they will perform below per and at the same wear fast. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have chosen the vegetation carefully.

Regular Repairs

Repairs are recommended for any machine to maintain an impressive performance. But it should be done regularly and not wait until the machine cannot operate any more. If you notice that the performance of you Bradco forestry mulcher is going down, stop and start a repair and maintenance process. That is the only way you will be able to identify repair at a very early stage and everything will be okay.

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