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Properties of a Good Road Milling Bits

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Properties of a Good Road Milling Bits

Road milling machine is one of the critical equipment in the road construction. If you are milling, the efficiency of the machine is highly determined by how well it is maintained. The most important parts of the industrial equipment are the wear parts. For road milling machine, the most important parts are the cutting parts which include milling bits and teeth. What if your milling bits needs are placement? What would you be looking for? Here are some of the key properties to look out for in a road milling bit.

Carbide Tip

Whatever kind of surface that you are working on, these type of the milling bit tips matters a lot. Due to the extreme conditions that the bit is exposed to, it is recommended that the best material for be used for the teeth. If you are going shopping for bits, the most recommended material is the tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide is a special type of carbide material is best known for high resistance to wear. The material also comes with other properties such as high strength, toughness and resistance to abrasiveness. That is what enables road milling bits to withstand the most demanding conditions.

Steel Body

Steel body is one of the key properties that make road milling bits extremely useful in road milling. With the carbide tip, the bit would need a body that can absorb some of the pressure and heat that is exposed to whole milling. Quality milling bits are made from high-quality steel or alloys of steel to provide the tip with the much need support. Steel is an excellent heat conductor, and thus it works great in removing heat from the carbide tip to keep it in good shape. Steel is highly durable, and it plays a critical in improving the lifespan of the milling bits.

Quality Brazing

The quality of the welding used in the joining the steel and carbide tip. One of the major challenges that most operators finds themselves in is buying poorly welded milling bits. Good milling teeth should have the best welding to keep the joint strong and permanent. Brazing is the best technique for joining metals in the market today.  It is important to note that during the milling process, the tip is exposed to high temperatures. If the joint is not strong enough, it can melt away or get weak and then break away. That is why brazing is an important property to look for in a road milling bits.

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