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Poor Pengo Auger Performance? Check Out the Following

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Poor Pengo Auger Performance? Check Out the Following

After buying new Pengo auger equipment, it will work remarkably well for a certain period. But with time, you might start noticing a decline in the level of performance. The effect of the reducing performance will also be reflected in the overall productivity and output of the machine. This is very common with new machines. But what could be the problem? Well, there several reasons that can explain why your machine performance is declining:

Poor Teeth Condition

The first and the most likely reason is the condition of the cutter teeth. If the machine has been used for a while without the checking the state of the cutter tools, then it could be the problem. Make sure that you have look at the condition of the Pengo auger teeth tip. Check for dullness or bluntness.

If any of these conditions exist, then you need to fix it by either sharpening the teeth or making a replacement if the condition is too worse. However, quality must be observed in the case of a replacement. You must ensure that only the best quality Pengo auger teeth have been replaced. That way, you can avoid overloading the rest of the teeth.

You must also check if you are using the right teeth for the job. Pengo auger teeth come in different types each for a different condition/s. For instance, if you are using flat auger teeth for rocky conditions, you will definitely record low performance and high rate of wear and abrasion.

The Drive

If the Pengo auger teeth are not the problem, then you should turn to the drive. If you are using a PTO prime driver, then you should check if all the power produced is being transferred to the auger attachment. There are times when the coupling is done poorly, and that usually results in loss generated power. Sometime, the skid steer could be the problem in that the power reaching the auger is very small for peak machines peak performance. Therefore have the entire system checked.

If a hydraulic system drives your auger, then you should check adequate pressure is being produced and transmitted to the auger. If the machine is producing enough pressure, but less of it reaches the auger attachment, then you should have the problem checked by a technician.

These are two main reasons that could be causing poor performance of your Pengo auger equipment. However, they are problems that can be fixed.

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