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Key Forestry Mulcher Parts That Determines Performance

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Key Forestry Mulcher Parts That Determines Performance

The productivity of the forestry mulching machine, the quality and the condition of the forestry mulcherparts matters a lot. So when you are buying, replacing or maintain your forestry equipment, these are parts you must consider seriously. However, some people, especially the new ones in the forestry industry fail to understand this fact. So which are the main parts that would determine the quality of your teeth?  Well check out this list:

The Mulcher Attachment

The first thing that you must consider seriously is the attachment. This is the main parts that do actual mulching and thus the need to invest in the best quality. For instance, if you are buying a Fae mulcher attachment, make sure that you have gotten the best quality in the market. Make sure that you have also gotten the original or OEM and a counterfeit. The most important thing to look at is the horsepower rating of the attachment.

Rotor Type

The type of rotor is the second thing that you must consider carefully while making purchases.  There are different types in the market depending on the brand you are investing in. The critical thing that you need to look out for is the size of the rotor and material used in its construction. For excellent performance, productivity and longevity of the mulching equipment, you cast steel or steel alloys are the most recommended material for the rotor construction. It is also important to check the pattern of the teeth for optimum performance.

Teeth Holder

Teeth holders are attached to the rotor and play a critical to the performance of the mulching equipment. They are the main parts that hold teeth cutters firmly in position. Therefore, their quality matters when it the efficient performance of the mulcher. Being the part that is highly affected by wear, the material used in its construction should have wear resistant properties. Forged steel is the most recommended material.

Cutter Teeth

Among the many forestry mulcher parts, cutter teeth are the most known. They are the essential wear parts since they are the main cutting parts. The do the actual cutting, and thus their condition and quality determine the performance and productivity of the mulching machine. They should be maintained regularly. Sharpening and replacing the worn down teeth is highly recommended.

These are the four forestry mulcher parts that significantly determines the productivity of the equipment. They are all prone to wear and tear and thus the need to maintain them regularly.

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