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How Do You Tell Your Denis Cimaf Mulcher Teeth Needs Replacement

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How Do You Tell Your Denis Cimaf Mulcher Teeth Needs Replacement

Operating a Denis Cimaf mulcher is one thing and having it in the right condition is another thing altogether.  For those who have been operating mulching machines for a long time, it is easy to tell when the machine is having or developing problems. One of the key parts that you need to consider seriously is the teeth. They ate the parts that do the actual cutting of the vegetation and thus they require to be checked regularly. But how do you teeth your Denis Cimaf teeth need a replacement? Here are some of the tips:

Reduced performance

If you notice that your Denis Cimaf mulcher’s output or performance is slowly declining, then you need to check the condition teeth. As the actual cutting parts, their conditions matter a lot when it comes to the overall performance of the machine. If you start experiencing a decline in the performance or the output of the machine, then the problem could the worn out teeth. The teeth could get blunt and dull thus making it difficult to mulch the vegetation.

Wear Line

If you carry out regular maintenance, it is possible to identify wear lines on the teeth body. This is a common thing and could be rectified by welding. But the condition is dire, then a replacement could be the only way out. A wear line is a sign of weakness of the teeth and could be as a result of exposure to tough conditions such as rocks or hardwood.  If you notice the lines on any of the teeth, you should consider replacing them immediately if welding is not working or it is too huge.

Engine Overheating

This is an interesting one. If you find that your engine is overheating, it should get you thinking about the quality of the wear parts. Overheating is usually associated with low efficiency, is usually related to the poor condition of the cutting parts. In most cases, the blunt and dull teeth are usually the cause of the teeth. So if you find that your mulcher is overheating, check the Denis Cimaf teeth dullness or breakage.

Humming Machine

The humming of the machine comes as a result of increased resistance or lower efficiency. It could be associated with various factors, and one of them is poor teeth condition. If you start hearing some unusual sound coming from the engine of the mover, then you might as well consider the state of the mulcher teeth. If the condition of the teeth is wanting,  then a replacement could be the only way to rectify the problem.

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