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Drilling Tips-How Soon Can You Change Your Auger Teeth

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Drilling Tips-How Soon Can You Change Your Auger Teeth

Changing auger teeth at some point will be necessary to keep your drilling machine in good condition and at the same maintain good performance. But do you know that your auger teeth need some replacement? Well, numerous factors will dictate how soon you can change you auger teeth. In this article, we are going to consider 3 key factors that operators can use as a guide for determining how soon they can change their auger teeth.

How Often Are They Are Used?

When it comes to changing your auger teeth, one the key factors that you will need to consider is how often the auger is used. If you have an auger that is used seasonally especially in the agricultural industry, then you will not need to consider changing the teeth any time soon. However, for the auger that is frequently used, then you will need to consider having the teeth the checked and changed regularly. The reason behind that is that the rate of wear and tear is dependent on how frequent the auger teeth are used.

How Are They Looked After?

Are the auger teeth properly maintained? Well, some of the reasons why the rate of wear and tear could be high or low are how they are looked at. That is simply how they are maintained. If the auger teeth are properly maintained, then they will definitely last for longer and thus no need to have them changed regularly. However, the poorly maintained teeth, it is important to keep checking the condition of the teeth to ascertain if the condition calls for replacement or not.  Therefore, it is essential to have your auger teeth regularly maintained to minimize the rate of wear and tear. That will go a long way in reducing the cost of replacement.

Ground Conditions They Are Being Used

Last but not the least is the condition that they auger is drilling or the kind of drilling that you are doing. If you are doing foundation drilling, then you will definitely have a problem with teeth wearing out so quickly. That is because you will be exposing the teeth to very tough conditions such as rocky conditions. That simply means that the rate of wear and tear will be very high. However, if you are doing pole digging, that may cause much damage to your teeth. So you need to pay more attention to the kind ground that you are drilling.

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