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Benefits of Tapered Bobcat Auger Teeth

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Benefits of Tapered Bobcat Auger Teeth

If you are buying Bobcat auger teeth replacement or for your new auger attachment, there are several things that you must consider to ensure you are spending money on the right product. The performance and productivity of the drilling machine should be the ultimate drive towards what you are shopping. The quality and effectiveness of the teeth are essential factors that will determine the actual performance and productivity of the equipment.

There are various types of bobcat auger teeth in the market, but the tapered teeth are considered as some of the best. From the people who have used these teeth, they have been impressed by the numerous advantages that these sets of teeth come with. In this write-up, we are going to look at some of the benefits of investing in tapered bobcat auger teeth.

Improved Drilling Speed

Tapered bobcat auger teeth are designed with a narrow tip. That means they have a smaller contact area compared to most of the teeth that we have in the market. The small contact areas simply means that there is maximum pressure on teeth tip making it possible to drill and break hard surfaces with ease. That is why these teeth are best known for their improved drilling speed compared to most of the alternatives in the market. It is also the reason why they produce incredible high productivity when properly used.

Versatility in application

Tapered bobcat auger teeth are extremely versatile in application. They can be used in various drilling conditions and still deliver incredible levels of output. These are the kind of teeth that can be used for soft soil drilling and hard soil drilling. They can also be used for compact soil conditions such as clay soil. With such versatility, these are kind of teeth that are highly recommended for the poling and some of the less intensive pile drilling.

Lowe Maintenance and Operation Cost

Tapered bobcat auger teeth are constructed from the highest grade materials. The tip is made from the highest grade of carbide material or the tungsten carbide. The body is made from carbon alloy steel or forged steel. These materials are best known for their incredible properties such as resistance from wear and abrasion. That means they wear less and thus the cost of maintenance and operation of drilling machines is highly reduced. The result is a significant reduction in the overall cost maintenance.

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