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3 Main types of Machining Presses

3 Main types of Machining Presses

What are the types of machining presses do you know? Well, there are many of them. Therefore, if you are planning to buy new press equipment, you need to choose from these available options. All of these machines have unique features that distinguish them from the other. They also work great in different conditions hence the need to choose carefully when buying.

If you are planning to go to the market to buy a machining press, this guide is for you. We have put together 3 main types of machining presses that you can select from. They include:

Hydraulic Press

The hydraulic press machines are probably some of the most popular types in the market. This can be seen from the huge number of industries that are using these machines for various applications. As the name suggests, these are pressing machines that use pressure from an enclosed container to produce the required force.

The liquid used in these presses is incompressible, hence the production of stable pressure whenever needed. When the pressure is applied one side of the container, it is used on the other side to work on the work-piece. That’s simply how these machines work to produce the pressure needed for the press. Companies such as BLY Hydraulic Press have some of the best hydraulic press machines.

Pneumatic Press

This is another type of press machine that is widely in the industry. As the name suggests, the pneumatic press uses gas to produce the pressure need to press materials. They use compressible gas for the creation of the pressure that is needed for production. Generally, the inert gas is placed inside a container when it is pressed from one side to produce a force on end for the pressing needs.

One of the biggest disadvantages of the pneumatic press is that they cannot produce one of the highest pressures in presses. That is why they are not widely used for heavy applications such as construction and other engineering works. With a maximum pressure of about 100-500 tons, they cannot compare to a hydraulic press, which can produce up to 4000 tons.

Mechanical Press

The other type of press that is widely used is the mechanical press. As the name suggests, these machines use mechanical energy to produce pressure. They work by utilizing the rotary motion of the machine to create a force that is used for pressing. They are pretty fast for small scale production. They are not suitable for heavy applications.